Kinetic partners with ProcessFlows UK to provide SMS messaging for Room Service

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Room Service is Kinetic’s software for managing student accommodation. It is used by Universities and private providers across the UK to manage over 100,000 beds.

Innovation and continuous development is at the heart of their business, along with their ethos of personal service and ease of access, makes for perfect partnering synergy with ProcessFlows.

Room Service now connects directly into the ProcessFlows SMS platform, 123-txt, for outbound SMS notifications, removing the need for inhouse messaging servers. 123-txt is a feature rich cloud based SMS gateway, residing within MS Azure, with a 3 x node replication for resilience and security.

The integration also enables a detailed history of this type of correspondence to be recorded against the resident record within Room Service, thus allowing for an extensive audit trail.

SMS messaging can be used to speed up transactions, market rooms and help with the management of property operations with SMS update and notifications as part of the workflow process.

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