Facebook Shutdown – How to protect your business from social media dependency

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People around the world have been impacted by the six-hour outage of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. The social media company, which is playing a crucial role in setting a new model for home working, had an internal technical issue making its three main social media channels, as well as Facebook Messenger, stop working. Due to this outage on Monday, BBC (2021) reports that ‘billions of users’ had been impacted by the ‘services being entirely offline’.

‘Employees at the company’s Menlo Park campus had trouble entering buildings because the outage had rendered their security badges useless, while other staff already inside the buildings were locked out of conference rooms, forcing them to communicate via text messages and Outlook emails.’, BBC (2021)

Many industries heavily rely on these social media channels for both personal and business communication. Due to this many people turned back to the reliability of text messaging to communicate.

Text Messaging is a well-established medium for business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication. ProcessFlows’ text message solutions are now used by a wide range of customers – patient-reminder services in the NHS and integrations with electronic school registers for keeping an eye on truancy – whatever your need, we can provide a solution.

Key 123-txt functionalities:

Send a text message from any device with a browser
Send and receive SMS from the comfort of your email client
Run SMS campaigns and surveys with our sophisticated marketing features
Receive text messages directly to the 123-txt user interface
Manage your contact base and access detailed reporting
Provide custom levels of access to your users for security and peace of mind

As an alternative to Cloud-based SMS, we offer Text Message Server; a self-hosted Corporate SMS Gateway, which we built from scratch and have developed over the past 15+ years. Text Message Server sits within your corporate environment, giving you 100% control of your data security – all of your messages and contacts are kept in-house and a full audit trail ensures that you are within data compliance legislation.

Your business cannot afford to be dependant on Social Media Channels. Take back control of your communication channels with your clients/partners.

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