The Hidden Technology: Emergency SMS

When an emergency occurs, it’s critical to communicate as quickly as possible to relevant parties.

Woman texting message on smartphone

With the advent of mobile phones came the advent of text messaging and instant communication. It makes sense that this has risen in popularity to become acknowledged as one of the best forms of emergency communication.

Why are more and more businesses choosing SMS for emergency notifications?

  • Cost effective means to reach recipients
  • Fast delivery to ensure the message gets seen as soon as possible
  • Where other communication means can fail (internet down, voice calls unable to connect), SMS almost always works
  • 98% of text message get read, meaning your notification will likely be opened and read by every recipient
  • All messages can be saved, providing a detailed audit trail of all communications

With advantages like those, it’s no wonder that SMS use for emergency planning is on the rise and with no greater example than SMS’s integral role in today’s COVID 19 crisis.

Step one – register for a virus test on the .GOV Website, providing details including your phone number

Step two – an automated SMS is immediately sent confirming your registration including a link to find test centres and book a time slot. Once that second online process is completed another SMS is triggered with confirmation and QR code, which is shown and scanned at the testing site as proof of ID.

The process for testing is fully automated with the use of SMS messaging and the number of daily tests, approximately 80,000 a day, and speed of communication could never have been achieved with any other medium.

Every business should have an SMS strategy, call ProcessFlows to find out how to on-board to our 123-txt platform and get going …