SMS Buzzwords Explained: What is SMS A2P?

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Have you seen the amount of people glued to their phones these days?

It’s no coincidence that organisations have been increasingly using SMS to get their messages out – marketing, reminders, alerts – whatever they may be. 98% of the UK populace own a mobile phone, so what better method is there to connect to your target audience?

ProcessFlows has seen a huge leap in organisations getting on board with texting over the last few years. What’s more, we’ve found a more recent pattern in the past few months.

There’s been a surge in A2P requirements for SMS.

What is A2P?

For the uninitiated, A2P is the process of sending mobile messages from an application to a mobile subscriber. Application to person.

There are so many ways to incorporate this feature into organisations’ communications plans. Real life applications include banking notifications, critical alerts, automatic booking confirmations and marketing notifications. The message is sent from a line of business application usually based on a process event.

Apply this to the real world and you get some sterling results:

  • Major banks and financial institutions send text messages pointing towards bank statements, fraud alerts or withdrawal notifications
  • Schools have found success by integrating SMS with electronic school registers to track truancy rates and message parents.
  • Doctors’ surgeries remind patients of their appointments, keeping absenteeism low
  • A more general use for A2P is to deal out WiFi passcodes for guests

A guest will access a web page where they enter their mobile number. They then receive a text message with their login. Simple.

A2P Experts

ProcessFlows first developed SMS solutions for businesses over a decade ago. With that amount of experience under our belt, we’ve developed both cloud and on-premise solutions tailored for each sector and for every sized organisation.

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