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Secure logins with SMS one-time passwords

An SMS one-time password (OTP) is an authorisation method, where an automatically generated string of numeric or alpha-numeric characters are used to authenticate a user for a single login session or transaction.
25th August 2020/by 123-txt

123-txt enables a local volunteer group to support vulnerable people during Covid-19 crisis

When Holme Valley Covid Mutual Aid needed to communicate quickly with volunteers using a platform that was easily accessible and would provide value for money, 123-txt was the perfect tool.
2nd July 2020/by 123-txt

SMS Buzzwords Explained: What is SMS A2P?

ProcessFlows has seen a huge leap in organisations getting on board with texting over the last few years. What’s more, we’ve found a more recent pattern in the past few months - There’s been a surge in A2P requirements for SMS.
8th June 2020/by 123-txt

Kinetic partners with ProcessFlows UK to provide SMS messaging for Room Service

ProcessFlows‘ SMS Platform elevates Kinetic’s Room Service, used to manage student accommodation by providing an audit trail, direct CRM integration and improved user experience.
20th May 2020/by 123-txt

The Hidden Technology: Emergency SMS

When an emergency occurs, it’s critical to communicate as quickly as possible to relevant parties. With the advent of mobile phones came the advent of text messaging and instant communication. It makes sense that this has risen in popularity to become acknowledged as one of the best forms of emergency communication.
11th May 2020/by 123-txt

Coronavirus Crisis Communications: Tips for Texting Your Customers

Times of crisis like the one we face right now with COVID-19 are one of your business’s most important opportunities to communicate thoroughly and effectively with your customers ... SMS is the answer. Read more ...
14th April 2020/by 123-txt

SMS for Emergency Planning & Covid19 Staff Notifications

In light of the coronavirus Covid19 outbreak, SMS offers an effective emergency planning and staff notification tool for organisations of all sizes. Read more ...
5th March 2020/by 123-txt

What Can I Do to Stop Receiving Spam Text Messages?

Many users find themselves receiving text messages they did not opt in for or simply do not want to see. This blog explores the topic of spam texts and what to do to stop receiving them.
13th February 2020/by 123-txt

SMS Saves Lives of Humans and Elephants in Rural India

A text message saved Geetha Thomas’ life. If it wasn’t for the SMS alert she received on her phone, she would not have been able to escape from a herd of elephants rampaging through her village. Read more ...
2nd December 2019/by 123-txt

SMS Survey Best Practices

SMS Surveys are perfect for reaching people that are always on the move. Quick and convenient, they can also be an ideal way to follow up on phone calls and in-person interactions. Read more ...
30th October 2019/by 123-txt

SMS Marketing – Best Practices

SMS Marketing, is now considered an essential communications channel in any marketing mix. It enjoys highly receptive audiences, unmatched open rates, and promotions that succeed because they’re delivered to customers and prospects directly. Read more ...
4th September 2019/by 123-txt

SMS – The perfect tool for customer surveys

SMS surveys provide an ideal opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers, gauge satisfaction and obtain valuable insights. Read more ...
15th August 2019/by 123-txt