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Cloud-based SMS Solutions: Web Client, Email SMS gateway, SMPP, API and more.
Government Approved: G-Cloud Listed SMS Solution.

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Email to SMS

The simplest method of delivering SMS messages, from your existing email software. Simply address the email to a mobile number and deliver personalised texts.

SMS Web Portal

SMS Web Portal

A hosted SMS platform, free to use. Send and receive messages to an online SMS mailbox. Pay only for the messages you send.

SMS Gateway API

SMS Gateway API's

With a wide variety of ways to hook SMS delivery into existing applications, we are the developer's choice. If you need help enabling an application, just ask us.

SMS SMPP Gateway

SMS SMPP Gateway

For seamless functionality and communication from application, through SMS relay to mobile device and back, we support the SMPP protocol. Plug and play.


Unified Access from Anywhere

Our Web Client is designed to be accessible on any device with a modern browser and adjusts to it for optimal visibility. In the office or on the go, 123-TXT is always available when you need it.

Cutting Edge Design and Performance

We strive to deliver the best user experience and our platform is both user friendly and extremely fast. Based on the latest in web technologies, our client delivers user experience that feels like a desktop application.

Enterprise Stability and Scalability

Based on Microsoft Azure®, our platform provides 99.9% uptime with constant monitoring and multiple redundancy backups, ensuring it is always running when you need it. The infinite scalability of our cloud solution ensures you will never be limited by the technology you use.


Our REST API can be utilised from any programming language, allowing you easy integration with your own solutions. You have access to all the functionality that you would require to send and receive SMS messages and many more.

Unicode Support

Our platform fully supports Unicode, allowing you to send and receive messages in any language and alphabet, from Latin to Cyrillic, Hebrew and Chinese.

Committed to Security and Privacy

We take Security very seriously and our platform enforces strong encryption and data handling policies supported by software and hardware solutions.
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