Coronavirus Crisis Communications: Tips for Texting Your Customers

Times of crisis like the one we face right now with COVID-19 are one of your business’s most important opportunities to communicate thoroughly and effectively with your customers.

Texting can be a powerful tool to maintain a close relationship with the people you do business with and ensure they get the right information from you at the right moment, but at every step you should respect your customers and their time.

Here are some tips to help you text effectively in a crisis;

  • Add value – does your customer need to hear from you right now?
  • Don’t waste customers’ time, be succinct and clear
  • Customers always expect fast communication, but in a crisis that expectation is even stronger
  • Build some templates ahead of time that your team can use to quickly respond to positive or negative feedback and frequently asked questions
  • Personalise your message
  • A crisis is no time for flip emojis or text speak

And finally be ready for follow-up – Regardless of how thorough your text is, anticipate questions from customers in response and be prepared to answer them. Set up an Auto Reply letting customers know you may not be able to respond immediately but that you’ll answer their question as soon as you can. And if you can anticipate particular follow-up questions, insert relevant Keywords in your Auto Reply so your customers can text back for more specific information.

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